Bachelor Projects (BSc)

These are the most recent Bachelor projects that have been carried out under my supervision :

  • 2021
    • EasyDocs - Documents made simple (Samuel Fringeli)
    • Financial Web App Reporting (Julien Torrent)
    • Interface utilisateur d’aide à la décision (Timothee Monney)
    • NetGame Admin Interface (Raffaele Scarcella)
  • 2020
    • Automatic Firewall Pinhole Process (Marco Gauch), proposed by BIT
    • DAMRE - DAshboard Mobile pour machine RobotiquE (Célestin Rumo), proposed by asyril
    • Application Web pour l’analyse du Confort dans les milieux professionnels (Antony Cherbuin), proposed by Institute TRANSFORM
    • ViFi - Visualisation et analyse financière (Axel Casareale), in collaboration with fid-conseil
  • 2019
    • Extending MitMProxy for HTTP/2 (Josué Tille)
    • UX and frontend development for hotel booking application (Maxime Genilloud), proposed by Tripla
    • Gestion et remédiation des risques, alertes IDS et failles de sécurité (Dylan Müller), proposed by Syselcom
  • 2018
    • iOS Application Security (Vladimir Meier), proposed by SCRT
    • Generische Server-Infrastruktur in industrieller Umgebung (Marc Bürgy), proposed by WAGO
    • Application mobile pour la gestion de concours (Alan Sueur), proposed by ASTF
    • SmartNurseTS (Andrea Marco Ruffini), proposed by imedic
  • 2017
    • AntiVirus Evasion (Jean-Christophe Roldan), proposed by SCRT
    • Push technologies for industrial applications (Sonny Lorenz), proposed by WAGO
    • Prototyping a connected piggybank (Bruno Produit), in collaboration with CHIC
  • 2016
    • HTTP/2 - Ready for the future Web transport protocol? (Kevin Dousse)